Did You Know?

In the State of Connecticut, as well as many other states, Physical Therapy is covered by your Insurance plan with or without a prescription?  No need to put off a “worry-free” evaluation to address an injury or pain, design an exercise program or even seek the expertise of a physical therapist to facilitate your optimal movement potential. 

Our Commitment

PT Plus is committed to supporting you on your journey to reach your personal goals as related to function, activity or sport. We empower patients from the ages of 5 to 95.

  • You will be greeted by our caring and helpful staff
  • You will receive a thorough and efficient evaluation
  • An Individualized treatment plan will be constructed to steadily progress you toward independence
  • Through individualized care you are listened to, encouraged and supported 
  • Integration with other healthcare disciplines as appropriate
  • Your physical therapist will provide effective communication with your doctors

Upon your discharge you will be ready and equipped with the strategies and proper tools allowing you to return to your desired activity level.

Working with your Primary Care Doctor

Physical Therapists are trained to know when your symptoms are not within their scope of practice and if or when you should be referred to a different healthcare professional. You can be confident that your therapist will connect with your primary care doctor to inform them that you are seeking the assistance of a physical therapist and why.

Your doctor receives progress reports regarding status of treatment goals and progress as appropriate. This allows you the security that your healthcare providers are on the same page.