We're proud to share testimonials illustrating our longstanding committment to individualized patient care. Here’s what our patients have to say about their positive experiences at PT Plus:

I have been a patient of Katey’s from time to time over a number of years. She is an excellent physical therapist who is empathetic, gentle and kind. Katey understands each of her patient’s needs. Her approach is appropriate and will push only when she thinks the patient is up to more work. She helped me become stronger after my back surgery. I recomended her to anyone who needs physical therapy.
— Susan L. (Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Spine Radiculopathy and Osteoarthritis of the Hip)
Katey really spent the time to figure out how my injury happened. She quickly got rid of my pain and taught me how to work out without causing more strain on my body.
— Laurie M. (Lumbar Spine Radiculopathy)
Katey was born to be a Physical Therapist. I actually looked forward to my visits and always come home feeling better about what ailed me. I was “up and about” ahead of schedule. She was just what the doctor ordered. On a scale of one- to -ten I give Katey at least 15. High praise is an under statement where Katey is concerned.
— Pete Spengler (Post repair of ruptured Achilles Tendon)
Katey has a special skill set that allows her patients to feel at ease & comfortable; most times I felt like I was with a friend learning new workout routines. I learned a lot about my injury and felt better with each session. I am also more aware of my posture, the way I walk & sit all because of Katey. It was a pleasure to work with Katey & if I ever need physical therapy again, there’s no doubt I would definitely choose to see her again!
— Danielle T. (Pre and Post Surgery)
Katey’s approach to Physical Therapy is effective and empathetic. She has helped me with shoulder neck and back injuries by explaining why and what we were doing to heal. Additionally, she stressed behaviors to avoid. These may seem like obvious services you would receive from PT but Katey teaches and inspires you to continue your exercises long after your sessions are finished.
— Richard S. (Lumbar Disc Herniation)